Jazz up your garden with these funky garden accessories and furniture


At Papillon, we love seeing colour and fun being added to garden spaces using cool and quirky furniture and accessories. Our favourite pieces combine contemporary style with function, to provide beautiful and practical additions to enhance outdoor space.
This isn’t garden furniture to simply blend into the background, rather it is pieces that are eye-catching, engaging and fun!
Here are our own personal favourites:

The Serralunga Doggy Stools
We love these! Created by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio for Serralunga, a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture and design based in Biella, Italy, these robust polythene sculptures come in a range of vibrant colours, with our own favourite being the orange one. They are cool and fun pieces that kids especially love. In addition to their undeniable cuteness, they also cleverly double-up as outdoor stools.

Magis Spun Chair
Lorraine Kelly loves this one too! Ingeniously formed from rotational moulded polyethylene, these award-winning outdoor circular and symmetrical chairs were conceived of and designed by Thomas Heatherwick, and made by cutting-edge Italian furniture manufacturer Magis.

Their unique spinning top design is elegant in form, whilst also inherently playful; your guests will find it hard to resist giving them a spin. The Spun chair is not only beautiful to look at, but it has been cleverly designed as an ergonomically sound piece of furniture too. We think they’re fantastic fun!

Cero Stools
Cero stools will add contemporary flair to both outdoor and indoor spaces. These strong roto-moulded polythene stools, designed by Brian Steendyk and made by Serralunga, marry sculptural art with functional product design.

Their hollowed-out design creates a light and elegant form, giving them an ornamental quality. Cero stools can be used as practical stools, footrests or table tops, and younger family members will quickly find that they make great tunnels too!

Paloma Illuminated Bird
This delightful Serralunga piece is another intriguing creation from designer Eero Aarnio.

We think the dove has an eerie and graceful beauty, especially so at night-time, when it takes on an enchanting form, illuminated by a LED RGB light that can be set to one of many different colours.

The fragility of the dove’s appearance is deceptive, as it is robustly crafted from linear low-density polyethylene.

It is therefore able to stand up to all weather conditions, and its strength makes it a functional outdoor stool too.

The Scarlett Vase
This vase by Serralunga, doubles up as a contemporary ornament and adds a modern look to any garden, conservatory or outside room. Here, it is shown in its full glory in one of Papillon’s Biossun pergolas. Made from rotationally moulded poly, it is suitable for the outdoors too! The Scarlett is available directly from Papillon.

So, garden furniture need not be drab and dull and something to hide away when not in use. Instead, these contemporary pieces are to be shown off and will enhance any outdoor space with their playful character and elegant style.

For more information on these pieces and to see more creative ideas for garden furniture and accessories please contact Papillon directly.